Stéphane Valette

Professor in Materials Science and Surface Engineering (CNU 60)STMS/LTDS

Stéphane Valette is a physicist and obtained his PhD on the study of the laser-materials interaction in the case of femtosecond laser. Since his arrival at École Centrale de Lyon in 2005, his teaching activities address Materials Science and Physical-chemistry of fluid/solid interfaces. His teaching activities are involved in the three-year courses at École Centrale de Lyon. He carries out his research activities within the Tribology and System Dynamics Laboratory (LTDS) on the tribology and surface engineering of bio-inspired surfaces. His scientific approach is based on biomimetics and consists into the manufacturing and the characterization of complex surfaces inspired from living systems with the objective to access specific surface functions. The wettability of such complex surfaces in order to obtain super-hygrophobic or super-hygrophilic properties is at the heart of his activities.