Serge Simoëns

CNRS Research DirectorMFAE/LMFA

Holding a PhD from École Centrale de Lyon, specialising in
Mechanics (atmospheric dispersion and turbulent mixing), Serge
Simoëns holds a masters degree in Mathematics and an M. Phil.
in Computer Science. At the Fluid Mechanics and Acoustics
Laboratory (LMFA), Serge Simoëns has specialised in atmospheric
environment and mechanical engineering (turbulent mixing, non-
Newtonian fluids). Serge Simoëns develops also experimental 2D
and 3D visualisation methods in optics (velocity, concentration
and temperature). He was Associate Professor at the Chemical
and Biomolecular Department of the University of Maryland
for 11 months and Visiting Professor at the Burgers Institute
of Physical Applied Sciences. At LMFA he heads the research
team on turbulent mixing of passive, dense and reactive species
(8 permanent researchers) and the group on complex fluid and
transfers (36 permanent researchers) whose main specialties are
energy, transport, environmental flows, mechanical mixing and
health. Serge Simoëns is member of the Theoretical and Applied
Mechanical Letters’ editorial board, and of the International
Conference of the Aeolian Research scientific committee.