Jean-Pierre Bertoglio

Director of Research EmeritusCNRS Research Director EmeritusMFAE/LMFA

Jean-Pierre Bertoglio is Senior Researcher at the French CNRS
and holds a doctorate ès sciences. An alumnus of École Centrale
de Lyon (1977), he develops his research at the Fluid Mechanics
and Acoustics Laboratory (LMFA). He is a recognised expert in the
field of fluid dynamics and, more specifically, in the theoretical and
numerical approaches to turbulence. After chairing the Scientific
Board of the CNRS Department of Engineering Science from 2001
to 2005, he was Dean of Research at École Centrale de Lyon from 2006 to 2020. He has authored about fifty peer-reviewed articles
in international journals. He has taught courses at the Claude
Bernard University – Lyon-I, École nationale des travaux publics
de l’État (ENTPE), and École Centrale de Lyon. He is currently in
charge of a course within the MEGA Master degree (mechanics,
energetics, civil engineering and acoustics).