Graeme Nicol

Research DirectorEEA/Ampere

Graeme Nicol is a microbial ecologist and a CNRS director of research and obtained his Ph.D. in Environmental Microbiology from the University of Aberdeen in 2002. He was previously a Natural Environment Research Council (NERC, UK) Advanced Research Fellow (2006-2011) and full professor at the University of Aberdeen. He joined the Environmental Microbial Genomics group of Ecole Centrale de Lyon in 2015 funded by a 2-year grant from the Programme Avenir Lyon Saint-Etienne (PALSE), as well as from a 5-year AXA Research Fund-endowed Chair in Ecosystem Engineering and Microbial Ecology. He is an elected member of the Royal Society of Biology (UK) and a visiting professor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. His research interests are focused on soil microbiology, in particular understanding the contribution of archaea and bacteria to the soil nitrogen cycle through both cultivation and molecular approaches.