Faces of Centrale Lyon

Here you can find those who teach and research at École Centrale de Lyon.

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  • Fabrice Dassenoy

    Head of the Materials and Surface Sciences (STMS)Professor in materials science (CNU 31)STMS/LTDS

    • Holding a PhD in Materials Science from the Paul-Sabatier University of Toulouse, Fabrice Dassenoy spent three years at the Max-Planck Institute of Berlin [...]
  • Vincent Fridrici

    Associate professor of material science (CNU 60)STMS/LTDS

    • Vincent Fridrici graduated as an engineer in 1999 and received his PhD in 2002 from the École Centrale de Lyon. He has been an Assistant Professor and [...]
  • Siegfried Fouvry

    CNRS Research DirectorSTMS/LTDS

    • Siegfried Fouvry is CNRS Senior Researcher at the Tribology and System Dynamics Laboratory (LTDS) of École Centrale de Lyon. He graduated in Engineering in [...]
  • Julien Fontaine

    CNRS ResearcherSTMS/LTDS

    • Julien Fontaine graduated in Engineering in 1996 and obtained his PhD in Materials Science in 2000, both from École Centrale de Lyon. As a CNRS Researcher at [...]
  • Michelle Salvia

    Associate professor in materials science (CNU33)STMS/LTDS

    • Michelle Salvia graduated in Engineering fro at INSA de Lyon, and holds a PhD and an accreditation to supervise research in Materials Science. From 1981 to [...]
  • Gaylord Guillonneau

    Associate professor in mechanics (CNU 60)STMS/LTDS

    • Gaylord Guillonneau holds a PhD in Mechanics of solids, materials, structures and surfaces, in the LTDS (Laboratoire de Tribologie et Dynamique des Systèmes [...]
  • Juliette Cayer-Barrioz

    CNRS Research DirectorSTMS/LTDS

    • Juliette Cayer-Barrioz graduated in physics in 1998 and in engineering from the Ecole Centrale de Lyon in 2000 before obtaining her PhD in Materials Science [...]
  • Clotilde Minfray

    Associate professor of materials science (CNU 33)STMS/LTDS

    • Clotilde Minfray graduated in Materials Science and Engineering from INSA de Lyon and pursued a PhD in Tribology at École Centrale de Lyon. She currently [...]
  • Stéphane Benayoun

    Professeur in materials engineering (CNU 60)STMS/LTDS

    • Holding a PhD and an accreditation to supervise research in Material Physics from the University of Poitiers, France, Stephane Benayoun is Professor at the [...]
  • Maria-Isabel De Barros Bouchet

    Associate professor of material science (CNU 33)PhD ValorisationSTMS/LTDS

    • Maria Isabel De Barros Bouchet is Associate Professor in the Department of Materials Science and Surface Engineering (STMS) at École Centrale de Lyon. Her [...]
  • Denis Mazuyer

    Professor in tribology (CNU 60)STMS/LTDS

    • Denis Mazuyer, is an engineer from École Centrale de Lyon (1986), holds a PhD in mechanics (1989). He graduated in mathematics in 1991 and the habilitation to [...]
  • Jean-Luc Loubet

    Director of the Laboratory of Tribology and Systems Dynamics (LTDS)CNRS Research DirectorSTMS/LTDS

    • Jean-Luc Loubet is docteur d’État es sciences and Senior Researcher at the French CNRS. He is currently Vice-President of the Scientific Board at École [...]
  • Guy Stremsdoerfer

    Professor emeritus of chemistry and electrochemistry (CNU 33)STMS/LTDS

    • Guy Stremsdoerfer holds a PhD in Chemistry and is Professor Emeritus at École Centrale de Lyon. He heads Chemistry courses and coheads the Energy track in [...]
  • Frédéric Dubreuil

    Associate Professor in Physics and ChemistrySTMS/LTDS

    • Physicochemical engineer with a PhD from Paris VI University, Frédéric Dubreuil spent 2 years as a post-doctoral fellow at the Max Planck Institute in Postdam [...]
  • Bruno Berthel

    Associate professor f materials science - durability-related issues (CNU 28/60)STMS/LTDS

    • Bruno Berthel is an alumni of École normale superieure de Cachan and holds a PhD in Mechanics from the University of Montpellier-II. He is Associate Professor [...]
  • Philippe Kapsa

    CNRS Research Director EmeritusSTMS/LTDS

    • Philippe Kapsa graduated in Engineering from École Centrale de Lyon in 1976 and obtained a PhD in Sciences and Tribology in 1982. He is now Senior Researcher [...]
  • Davy Dalmas

    CNRS ResearcherSTMS/LTDS

    • Holding a PhD in Mechanics from the University of Technology of Compiègne (UTC, 2001) and an accreditation to supervise research in Physics from Paris-VI [...]
  • Stéphane Valette

    Professor in Materials Science and Surface Engineering (CNU 60)STMS/LTDS

    • Stéphane Valette is a physicist and obtained his PhD on the study of the laser-materials interaction in the case of femtosecond laser. Since his arrival at [...]
  • Elise Contraires

    Associate professor of material science (CNU 28)STMS/LTDS

    • Elise Contraires is Assistant Professor in Materials Science at École Centrale de Lyon since September 2012. She is an elected member of the Board of Studies [...]
  • Julien Scheibert

    CNRS Researcher (section 5)STMS/LTDS

    • Holding a Master in Materials Science from École Normale Supérieure de Lyon and University Claude Bernard - Lyon-I, and agrégé in Physical Sciences, Julien [...]
    • http://perso.ec-lyon.fr/scheibert.julien/