Clubs and societies

Life on the École Centrale de Lyon campus beats to the rhythm of the clubs and societies. Almost 1,500 engineer students participate in these organisations offering diverse cultural, social and sporting activities. Among these students, 150 give their time to organise events that punctuate academic life at Centrale Lyon: Weekend Integration (WEI), Challenge Centrale Lyon, Grande Écoles Perspectives Forum, Eclyps Gala and many more. The student societies also offer services for the benefit of the entire campus community.

Supplementing formal education

Clubs and societies enable students to consolidate and develop skills that are complementary to those acquired within the lecture hall and lab. Indeed, students gain an outlet to show their true potential in performing group tasks. They learn soft skills that will prepare them for working life, while being part of a relaxing atmosphere among friends.

Some vital societies at Centrale Lyon...

Students’ Bureau


For information on all clubs and societies, visit the École Centrale de Lyon Students’ Association website.

Fanfare Piston

Fanfare Piston: These musicians set the campus ablaze with their entertaining tunes at every major event (WEI, Gala, etc.).


Formula Student EPSA Italie 2019

The Piston Motor Sport Club (EPSA): Every year, car-mad engineering students, with similarly minded students of vocational institutes in the Greater Lyon area, design and assemble an innovative vehicle to compete for the SIA (Automobile Engineers’ Association) Trophy.

Perspectives Forum

The Perspectives Forum was set up to create a point of contact between students and companies.

Centrale Consultancy

Centrale Lyon’s Junior Enterprise, Centrale Consultancy, operates in a similar manner as consulting firms.