Sports, clubs and societies

École Centrale de Lyon is renowned for having one of the most active student bodies among the schools of engineering thanks to its clubs and societies.

Sports at the heart of the curriculum. At Centrale Lyon, the values found in sport are also an integral part in the education of engineering students: pushing oneself to excel, team spirit, respect for rules, a taste for competition, tolerance, etc. Sports are also compulsory. At the start of the year, each student must choose from among 20 different sports: rugby, tennis, rowing, climbing, badminton, fencing, diving, etc.

In addition to sports, various clubs and societies enable students to meet, learn how to organise events or manage a committee, get involved in environmental or humanitarian projects and even develop artistic or musical skills. There is something for everyone: from the Pistons (the institute’s brass band) and the Improv club to Solidari’Terre and Commu’Z, every student can find a place to embellish their personal lives and improve their professional skills.

The year is punctuated with ambitious events on campus, some of which, like the Challenge, are world-renowned among international engineering schools.