International master

Master 1 and 2 levels - 100% in english

Centrale Lyon offers eight Masters programmes designed to welcome international students. These two-year programmes (M1 and M2), taught entirely in English, aim to provide students with a high level of scientific qualification. They also provide solid operational skills, with an emphasis on group work and integration into the world of industry and research.


- Applicants living outside the European Economic Area:
Etudes en France procedure.
1- Complete your application now on and before your country's closing date (generally in December 2023).
2- In addition, an online application file must be completed between 1 December 2023 and 15 January 2024 (see file on each Masters page).

- Candidates residing in the European Economic Area: application via the files accessible from each Masters page below (available at the end of the first quarter of 2024).