International master

Three high-level master’s degrees

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Centrale Lyon offers three master’s degrees specifically designed for international students. These two-year programmes (M1 and M2) provide students with highly scientific knowledge. They also instil solid operational skills by emphasising group work and quick adaptation to the world of industry and research.

The following tracks are offered: Nanoscience and nanotechnology, Aeronautics and space, Acoustics.

With renowned laboratories

These master programmes are supported by the internationally-recognised research activities of the institute and its partners. Projects and placements conducted in laboratories constitute a significant part of the programmes. They can be carried out in the institute’s laboratories, at any one of the many local industrial companies, or farther afield in France or abroad.

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Classes in English

Students pursue their education in English while also receiving French language and culture classes. They enjoy the facilities of École Centrale de Lyon and those of its Université de Lyon partners.