Costs and additional expenses - Master

Annual Fees for a Master's degree 

Indicative fees based on the year 2023-24

Students on French government scholarships or coming under an exchange agreement that includes the Master's program are generally exempt from paying tuition fees and the CVEC.

Main enrolment in the master's programme; double course for auditors of the engineering programme
SituationFrench government grant holderNon-grant holder
Rate AFree€243 + CVEC 
Rate BRate A or free, depending on the grant€3,770 + CVEC
Enrolment in a double degree course in engineering (excluding auditors)
SituationFrench government grant holderNon-grant holder
Rate AFree€159
Rate BRate A or free, depending on the grant€2,513

Rate A generally applies to European students.

Rate B applies to students of other nationalities who are not in receipt of a French government or French embassy grant or an exemption listed here.

Students coming under an exchange agreement with a Centrale Master's programme are generally exempt from registration fees and the CVEC. It is advisable to check the terms of the exchange in the admission letter.

See the Differentiated Fee Guide for more information.

All A or B rate students must also pay the Contribution Vie Étudiante et de Campus (CVEC) - €100 in 2023-24.

Please note! In the case of co-accredited Master's programmes, the fee applied is that of the institution carrying out the administrative registration.

Registration for an Erasmus Mundus Masters course - meta4.0

Registration fees for Erasmus Mundus-labelled Masters courses are generally set independently of the usual rules (differentiated fees). Students who receive a specific Erasmus Mundus grant are also exempt from registration fees.

  • Fees “Program students" fee: for students of nationality from countries participating in the Erasmus programme ("students whose nationality is one of the 27 Member States of the European Union, and additionally, Iceland, Norway, Republic of North Macedonia, Liechtenstein,Turkey, Serbia, countries defined by the European Commission as 'third countries associated to the programme'"): €4,500 / year.
  • Fees “Partner countries students" : ("all other countries defined by the European Commission as 'third countries not associated to the programme'") €9,000 / year

The list of eligible countries is available at the following link:

Additional costs

In addition to tuition fees, the cost of living in France can be quite high. We invite students to consider the following before committing to a course at Centrale:

  • Living expenses are on average €1,000 per month (excluding housing subsidies).
  • The cost of starting the new school year represents an average of €1,200 in additional expenses.
  • Students must have computer equipment.
  • It is specified that student jobs alone cannot finance these studies (demanding schedule and personal work...)

See also Average cost for studying at Centrale Lyon.

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