Master Degrees

International Masters (M1 and M2) - 100% in English

École Centrale de Lyon offers International Masters, 100% in English. These two-year programmes aim to provide students with a high level of scientific qualification.

These masters programmes are based on the internationally recognised research activities of the École and its partners. Laboratory projects and work placements in industry are an important part of the course.

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Master 2 - in french

Centrale Lyon is also co-accredited to offer 13 Master 2 programmes.

  • 11 majors in Science, Technology and Health, with one or more pathways.
  • 1 major in Law, Economics and Management.
  • 1 major in Humanities and Social Sciences.

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Recognition of prior learning (RPL)

The mechanism for recognising prior learning does not apply to students during their initial education. This section is exclusively for those looking to apply for a degree through the recognition of their prior learning (VAE in French).

The recognition of prior learning is a legal means to obtain a nationally-recognised degree by demonstrating professional skills acquired through various experiences (employment, unpaid activities, trade union offices, volunteer and community work, etc.).

The award of a degree through RPL requires a written submission (dossier) and an oral examination (before a board). The applicant must prove proficiency over all benchmark skills expected for a formally educated degree holder.

École Centrale de Lyon is authorised to award its two engineering degrees through RPL:

  • General engineering degree.
  • Engineering degree specialising in energy, facility design.

Also under RPL, École Centrale de Lyon can award the master’s degrees for which it is accredited.

Who might be interested in RPL ?

A holder of a two-year college diploma or university bachelor’s degree, who can prove at least one year’s experience in engineering.

(Actually, it is extremely rare that a single year of engineering experience would lead to proficiency in the required skills. Usually, three years’ practical experience is necessary).

For enquires relating to the recognition of prior learning (RPL), you can contact the institute’s RPL adviser Philippe Thimonier.