Master's degrees

École Centrale de Lyon offers fourteen Master 2 degrees (at bac+4) and three international master’s degrees taught in English from Master 1 level (bac+3).

The institute is accredited to award:

  • 16 master’s degrees in science, technology, health
  • 1 master’s degree in humanities and social science
  • 1 master’s degree in law, economics, management
Campus été

Science, technology, health

Contact: M. Jacob

Aeronautics and space
2 tracks: Aeronautical and spacecraft propulsion and Aerostructures.
Contact: S. Aubert

Chemistry and materials science
Track: Innovative materials for health, transport and energy.
Contact: S. Benayoun

Econometrics, statistics
Track: Risk management in insurance and finance (GRAF).
Contact: C. Blanchet

Electronics, electrical energy, automation
3 tracks: Electronics and embedded systems (ESE), Automated system engineering and Electrical engineering.
Contact: I. O’Connor

Civil engineering
4 tracks: High energy efficient buildings (BH2E), Materials and structures for sustainable construction (MSCD), Land and infrastructure (SolInfra) and Mobility in megacities (M2C).
Contact: F. Froiio

Industrial engineering
Track: Advanced methods in industrial engineering.
Contact: A. Saïdi

Computer science
5 tracks: Data science - Artificial intelligence - Image - Systems, networks and virtual infrastructures - Information technology and the internet.
Contact: L. Chen

Healthcare engineering
2 tracks: Medical imaging, signals and systems (MISS) - Health product design and optimisation (COPS).
Contact: E. Laurenceau

Applied mathematics, statistics
Track: Maths in action.
Contact: M. Marion

Mechanical engineering
4 tracks: Fluid mechanics and energetics (MFE) - Biomechanics (BM) - System and structure dynamics (D2S) - Tribology and surface engineering (TIS).
Contact: C. Corre

Nanoscience and nanotechnology
Track: Nanoscale engineering.
Contact: B. Vilquin

Optics, image, vision, multimedia
Track: Surface and interface science and engineering (SISE).
Contact: D. Mazuyer

Risks and environment
Track: Environmental risk governance (RISE).
Contact: P. Salizzoni

Public health
Track: Biostatistics, biomathematics, bioinformatics and health (B3S).
Contact: C. Helbert

Marine, atmosphere and climate science
2 tracks: Air quality and radioprotection - Climate.
Contact: R. Perkins

Humanities and social science

Psychology of society, labour and organisations
Track: Psychology of activities and collective representations (PARC).
Contact: J. Vacherand-Revel

Law, economics, management

Risks and environment
Shared with Science, technology, health (see above section).