Centrale Lyon laboratories mobilised to fight against Covid-19

In view of the current health situation, one of the first actions of our research laboratories has been to identify all the available materials useful in the fight against the current epidemic and to make them available to the health services.

Almost 300 masks, 44,000 gloves, 166 gowns, 1,300 over-shoes and various small items of equipment have been collected. All of these items were sent to the medical services in two shipments, the first on Wednesday to the Croix Rousse Hospital and the second on Thursday morning to the Hospices Civils de Lyon.

Don matériel Centrale Lyon

Last night, Centrale Lyon distributed to its six research laboratories a call for volunteers for its staff who could be mobilised either to help with clinical research projects or to provide technical assistance to the analysis laboratories.

Don matériel Centrale Lyon

Initiatives are currently proliferating on our campus, notably around the Ecole's FabLab and the 3D printers located in the research labs. Staff at all levels are mobilising. It is up to the Ecole's management to coordinate these initiatives, to ensure that they do not put the players at risk, and to be certain that they meet a real need for health professionals. To do this, and in total coordination with all the academic institutions on the Lyon site, the Ecole interacts daily with the Lyon University Hospital.