The ecological transition is on the agenda at Centrale Lyon

The high scientific level remains the marker of engineering education at the École Centrale de Lyon, with a balance between theoretical activities, practical work, design offices, projects...

The core curriculum is enriched at the beginning of the 2019 academic year by the introduction of three specific weeks spread over the first year: one around innovation in conjunction with partner companies (CLIC days - Centrale Lyon Innovation Camp), and the other two dealing with social issues (energy transition, waste treatment, mobility) through a multidisciplinary approach in project mode.

The issue of ecological transition is thus addressed at the heart of scientific training, including the contributions of economic, human and social sciences, and emphasizing the development of collaborative work.

Conferences and debates on ethical issues will also be offered throughout the curriculum, including the organization common to all Écoles Centrales from the fresco of the climate to the beginning of the school year, the objective of which is to give students a greater awareness of climate issues and their impacts.