[Conference] Understanding environmental microbiome resilience

  • 19 October 2021
  • From 12:30 to 14:00
  • Ecole Centrale de Lyonbuilding W1ground floorAmphi 3

Full title: Understanding environmental microbiome resilience: towards solutions in the face of climate change


The ongoing climate crisis threatens ecosystems. Communities of microorganisms, called microbiomes, provide critical functions for ecosystems and hosts, and have feedbacks with climate. Many of these functions are supported by the collective community, which is why the microbiome is often considered as a system of responsive and interacting microbial populations.

In my research program, we aim to understand how bacterial and archaeal (prokaryotic) communities respond to stress so that they can be managed to quickly recover. The capacity to recover from a large stress is called resilience. In this seminar, I will discuss my lab¿s recent microbiome research across soil, plant, and synthetic systems. I will introduce a conceptual framework for mechanisms that support microbiome resilience and provide perspectives as to which may be targeted as management levers. This research has general implications for maintaining or stabilizing the microbial functions of ecosystems that face the ongoing consequences of climate change.


Ashley Shade, Assistant Professor at Michigan State University, visiting professor at Ampère Laboratory.