Maria-Isabel De Barros Bouchet

Associate professor of material science (CNU 33)PhD ValorisationSTMS/LTDS

Maria Isabel De Barros Bouchet is Associate Professor in the Department of Materials Science and Surface Engineering (STMS) at École Centrale de Lyon. Her research activities within the Tribology and System Dynamics Laboratory (LTDS) since 2001 mainly address the understanding of tribochemical reactions of lubrication additives, the lubrication of carbon-based coatings with green additives and the superlubricity mechanisms. Before her chair, she pursued her PhD on the deposition and characterization of diamond coatings for mechanical applications. Currently, her technological interests focus on the synthesis and characterization of novel carbon materials for mechanical applications. She has authored over 45 publications with numerous citations and contributed in the writing of three books. She has registered two patents with industrial partners. She serves on the Editorial Board of the Lubricants journal. Most recently, she was co-chair of the latest Tribochemistry Forum 2013 held in Lyon.