LC - Modern Languages - S7

Director: Florence MILON


In addition to learning two languages, the purpose of the Department is to open our students to linguistic, cultural, geographical, and social diversity, to prepare them for studies with our partner universities or internships abroad. The broader aim is to provide them with the tools to work in international teams, to widen their skills and their ability to adjust professionally and socially. In the second year, the recommendation is to continue learning the languages chosen in 1A but it is also possible to modify one's choice of languages and even to start a language as a beginner (Arabic, German, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish).

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding and communicating orally and interactively.
  • Reading and writing in one or more languages.
  • Being aware of the cultural and intercultural factors in a particular linguistic situation.
  • Team-working with one or more languages.
  • Analysing, reporting, summarising in a foreign language.



Mean value of language scores (each language score : know-how N2 = SF1 50% final exam + SF2 50% continuous assessment).