Lecturer(s): Waltraut WUNDER


  • Level A1 : Acquisition of basic lexical and grammatical skills. Understanding and use of familiar everyday expressions.
  • Level A2: Consolidation of bases.Use of language in a everyday and professional context.
  • Level B1/B2: Reinforcement of bases. Learning about the culture of German-speaking countries.
  • Level B2+: Development of oral skills and learning about culture in the wider context.
  • Level C1/C2: In depth oral, written and cultural skills, deeper awareness of cross-cultural issues.

Palabras clave

Cross-cultural, Franco-German relations, project work, news topics, cross-disciplinary approach, culture, work life and exploration of German businesses


  • The focus is on professional life (work life, job-application, the German economy and industry, important industrial themes, such as energy, sustainable development, car industry, new technologies).
  • 3rd-year or Double-Degree students are offered additional tuition to prepare for their mobility programme and for the Goethe Institute examinations (levels : B1 or B2/C1).
  • Organised study trip to Freiburg.

Learning Outcomes

  • CEFRL (from A1 to C2), acquiring all competences of expression and understanding.
  • Being able to interact in personal and professional situations.
  • Developing cultural and cross-cultural skills.
  • Developing learning and memorising skills.


Final mark = 100% know-how Know-how = 50% final exam + 50% continuous course work assessment.