Lecturer(s): Mariko NICOL-AKUTSU


Japanese courses are mainly intended for non-beginners (at least one year of learning the language). They continue to discover the Japanese language and culture, and deepen their understanding of basic grammar and key linguistic features. This is to reach a sufficient level for a stay in Japan (S8, double degree, internship in a Japanese company). We always encourage students to take the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test, issued by the Japan Foundation).

Palabras clave

Hiragana, Katakan, Kanji, culture, business Japanese


  • The courses are provided with various materials, textbooks, vocabulary and ideogram lists, audio resources, etc.
  • 5 hours of weekly classes (3.5 hours of grammar and 1.5 hours of conversation): the teaching aims at continuing the acquisition of current vocabulary and new kanji but also at consolidating grammatical knowledge.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding texts on common subjects written in Kana and basic Kanji.
  • Conducting a simple conversation and expressing simple opinions.
  • CEFRL A2/A2+.
  • JLPT 4.


Final mark = 100% know-how Know-how = 50% final exam + 50% continuous course work assessment