SHS - Human and social sciences - S7

Director: Nicolas HOURCADE


The Humanities and Social Sciences Teaching Unit has a dual objective. On one hand, develop students' general culture and critical thinking by providing to them analytical tools and interpretation keys to understand the society in which they live ( particularly in the course "Individuals and society", but also in the two other training actions). On the other hand, develop their knowledge of the ethical and organizational issues that engineers face in their professional life ("Ethics" and "Working today" courses). Through this dual perspective the Humanities and Social Sciences teaching Unit offers an introduction to the concepts and methods of the human and social sciences and philosophy.

Learning Outcomes

  • Being able to use the Human and Social sciences' point of view to analyze the social context.
  • Question one's representations, especially regarding to the professional world.
  • Understand the organizational context of companies.
  • Understand the ethical issues of the engineering profession.
  • Understand and put into perspective a document or a current issue.





A final exam for each course. Same ponderation for all the courses : SHStc1 : 1 ; SHStc2 : 1 ; SHStc3 : 1.