Lecturer(s): Romain SAUZET, Nicolas HOURCADE
Course ⋅ 14 hTC ⋅ 4 h


This course deals with ethical issues related to engineering professions, and, more broadly, to contemporary sciences and technologies. Ethics is an irreducible dimension of human action, with regard to its responsibilities, in various fields: personal or professional, individual or collective. Philosophy helps to analyze and understand the choices to make the best decisions in complex and unique situations.

Palabras clave

Ethics ; Morality ; Responsibility ; Technology


  • Course 1 - Introduction
  • Course 2 - What is a value?
  • TD 1: The Ethics of Discussion
  • Course 3 - Values and Technique
  • Lessons 4 & 5 - The major ethical resolutions
  • Course 6 - Values ​​and problems of the engineering world
  • Course 7 - Environmental ethics
  • TD 2: The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand ethical issues of engineering practices.
  • Understand interest and limits of the professional deontology.
  • Formalise a problem and identify the difficulties generated by an unpredictable and uncertain context.
  • Being able to differentiate and articulate moral and ethical strategies.


Final mark = 100% Knowledge Knowledge mark = 100% final exam