Individuals and society

Lecturer(s): Nicolas HOURCADE, Jacqueline VACHERAND REVEL
Course ⋅ 20 hTC ⋅ 4 h


From the study of a general theme ("Individuals and Society"), this course aims to present the approaches of the Human and Social Sciences, as for their modes of investigation and their fundamental concepts. Beyond an introduction to social psychology and sociology, the goal is to provide students tools to analyse the human and social situations they face. Far from providing them with ready-made answers, the intention is to lead them to carry out a questioning that is well-constructed and well-argued serving their understanding of human and social issues. A secondary objective consists in enhancing the capabilities of the students to analyse a human sciences ‘text, and, more broadly, of topicality.

Palabras clave

Psychology, sociology, individuals, society


The lectures include sessions in social psychology and sociology. The main topics discussed are: the Human and Social sciences point of view; the deconstruction of social representations; the influence of groups on individuals and social change; the construction of social norms, socialization and forms of deviance; the coexistence of an egalitarian society and social inequalities...

Learning Outcomes

  • Being able to use the point of view of the human and social sciences to analyse the society.
  • Being able to question one's representations about the world and society.
  • Question the social construction process of individuals and groups.
  • Understand and analyse a topicality document on a current issue.


Final mark = 100% Knowledge Knowledge mark = 100% final exam