Sustainable constructions

Director: Eric VINCENS
130 hTD


The Sustainable Housing sector aims to put in place solutions to improve the energy and environmental performance of housing. This approach must be developed taking into account the physical characteristics of the building and keeping the comfort of the occupants at the heart of the problem. We must therefore be interested in different aspects of Housing: thermal, air renewal and the brightness of housing, but also renewable energy solutions to make the latter energy efficient. The choice of materials is essential here and the scenario of the engineer in the Act of Construction will develop during the option project.

This scale of analysis provides another point of view that can inform decisions in terms of energy policy at the district or city level.



Imposed MOD: "Building & architecture" Imposed MOS: "General construction procedures"


HD3.1 : 35%, HD3.2 : 30%, HD3.3 : 35%