GBD project

Lecturer(s): Eric VINCENS, Pietro SALIZZONI
PW ⋅ 80 h


The option project is common to the three streams. It is based on the final project of the students' diploma from the National School of Architecture of Lyon involved in a master's degree in "Eco-constructive and Architecture Transitions ". Through this interdisciplinary work between student-architects and student-engineers, the goal is to get engineering students to invest in a reflection on economically viable solutions, adapted to a Post-Carbon Society taking into account the scarcity of resources, the necessary energy frugality in a regenerated city.

Palabras clave

home comfort, structures, foundation engineering, pollution, LCA, circular economy


  • Réflexion sur différentes thématiques à l’échelle de l’Habitat et de la Ville incluant la lithosphère, l’hydrosphère et l’atmosphère
  • 3 réunions de suivi de projets par thématique


0.33 oral defense + 0.33 final written report + 0.33 * 2 interim reports