PCM - Physique Chimie de la Matière - S7

Director: Emmanuelle LAURENCEAU


The UE "Physics and Chemistry of Matter" offers a high level training in the fundamental concepts of the physics of materials and chemistry. The laws of physics at different microscopic scales (from the nucleus to the atom and the molecule) are presented and allow the macroscopic properties of matter to be explained: optical properties, such as interactions with electromagnetic radiation, or chemical. These concepts are the basis of most of the new technologies used in the fields of information and communications, medicine, functional materials and energy. The concepts addressed in this EU are essential to understand or participate in the development of the technologies of the future (nanotechnologies, biomedical engineering, renewable energies, "green technologies").

Learning Outcomes

  • Knowing how to relate the macroscopic properties of matter to their microscopic origins
  • Knowing how to identify radiation / matter and intermolecular interactions
  • To be able to give the orders of magnitude of the energies involved in these interactions
  • Knowing how to mobilize knowledge to solve a transdisciplinary problem
  • Being able to use your knowledge to analyze the results of a measurement



Electromagnetism in a vacuum (Maxwell's equation, Poynting vector, ...), Wave optics (interference, diffraction, ...), Thermodynamics (1st and 2nd principles, chemical potential, Carnot cycle), Molecular chemistry (VSEPR method )


UE PCM= 43,3% PCM tc1 + 21,7% PCM tc2 + 35% PCM tc3