STE - Stage d'exécution - S6-S7

Director: Nicolas HOURCADE


The aim of the work placement is to introduce the student to the organisation of a company, the nature of the work performed and the relationships between workers and managers. This internship consists of the performance, for a minimum of four weeks, of the work of a worker within a team of workers. The educational objectives are twofold:

  • to discover the world of the company ;
  • to actively participate in a work group. This experience is fundamental for learning about the nature, functioning and constraints of work in a factory, as well as the relationships that workers have with other parts of the company, especially the engineers. For many students, it is one of the few opportunities to have direct contact with the work of a worker without being vested with any authority. This internship is therefore particularly instructive for engineering students, who are destined to perform organisational and managerial functions.



Final mark = 100% Know-how. Know-how mark = 100% continuous assessment