GM - Mechanical engineering - S6

Director: Christophe JANOLIN


The Mechanical Engineering Teaching Unit covers a set of knowledge and know-how for the design, manufacture and performance analysis of a mechanical system. It is a fundamental element in the training of a general engineer.

The diversity of the industrial branches concerned goes far beyond the mechanical industries. Most objects and products have a solid material base. Their performance and lifetime depend to a large extent on the quality of this material base.

Learning Outcomes

  • Know how to analyse the architecture of a mechanical system and its geometric description from technical drawings
  • Know how to design a mechanical system
  • Know how to define the toleranced geometry of a mechanical part and implement manufacturing means that respect the conditions of correct operation
  • Be able to analyse the dynamic behaviour of a system of rigid solids
  • Know how to dimension a slender part subjected to static loading



Notion of rigid solid, kinematic torsor, force torsor Fundamental principle of dynamics


Final mark =50% GMtc1 + 30% GMtc2 + 20% (GMtc3 or GMtc4)