MTH - Mathematics - S5

Director: Céline HARTWEG-HELBERT


The skills acquired in the Mathematics Unit are transversal in the sense that they are applicable in the other courses of the common core. It presents tools for solving abstract problem classes including formalization that involves deterministic or non-deterministic models. These models can describe phenomena appearing in physics, mechanics, economics, management, etc. The courses offered provide a rigorous framework for analyzing and solving problems.

Learning Outcomes

  • Use a mathematical concept or principle to describe a problem.
  • Model a random experiment using random variables.
  • Identify the different stages of the numerical simulation of physical phenomena.
  • Master the basic tools of mathematical analysis.
  • Use the basic functions of software for numerical calculation or statistics.



Integrals of piecewise continuous functions, convergence of sequences and series, vector space, normed space, matrix, eigenvalue, calculation of probabilities on a finite or countable universe, discrete random variable