Portuguese - Brazil

Lecturer(s): Florence MILON


Brazilian Portuguese classes are for beginners and false beginners. They will learn a new language, discover the various features of a continent-scale country and move beyond classic stereotypes. Portuguese is easy for Romance-language speakers. Mastery of the language opens the door to a double degree or an internship in Brazil.

Palabras clave

Brazil, Portugal, Angola, Macao, Portuguese-speaking countries, Latin America, Mercosur


  • Courses focus on communication and oral and written comprehension. Classroom activities (role plays, simulations, presentations, debates, pronunciation) are based on varied authentic material.
  • A1-A2 : immersive acquisition of language and cultural skills in familiar situations, to meet immediate needs in everyday contexts.
  • A2+-B1 : expanding skills to communicate easily in familiar, academic and professional situations. Successfully exchanging information on familiar topics.
  • For both levels : studying the main historical, political and sociocultural features of Brazil.

Learning Outcomes

  • CEFRL (from A1 to B1), with special focus on interaction and on cultural or cross-cultural competences.
  • Learning enough skills for academic and/or professional immersion.
  • Apprehending the various realities of modern Brazil.


Know-how = 50% final exam + 50% continuous assessment.