Chemistry S6

Lecturer(s): Virginie MONNIER-VILLAUME, Naoufel HADDOUR
Course ⋅ 8 hTC ⋅ 12 hAutonomy ⋅ 5 h


This lecture aims to provide bases in chemistry and physico-chemistry of materials necessary to understand properties of materials at the microscopic scale (kinetics, reactivity, thermodynamics, weak bonds, electrochemistry). Applications such as new materials to produce energy (organic solar cells), power plants or vehicles working with renewable fuels, will be used to illustrate quantum chemistry and molecular interactions notions.

Palabras clave

Chemistry, materials, molecular orbitals, statistical thermodynamics, weak bonds, kinetics, electron transfer


  • Quantum model of the chemical bond.
  • Introduction to statistical thermodynamics.
  • Chemical reactivity and elements of chemical kinetics.
  • Electron transfer at interfaces.
  • Weak bonds.

Learning Outcomes

  • Build and use a diagram of molecular orbitals for a molecular structure.
  • Make the link between physico-chemical properties at the macroscopic and at the microscopic scale of the matter.
  • Identify molecular interactions and binding energies involved in a molecule.
  • Select adapted theoretical knowledge to be applied to concrete new problems in chemistry.


Mark = 100% knowledge. Knowledge mark = 70% final exam + 30% continuous assessment.