Lecturer(s): Florence MILON, Francesco GIANNETTO


The main objective is to enable students to be self-reliant in everyday situations, in an academic or professional setting. Courses are taught in Italian right from the beginning to acquire immersive comprehension skills. Classes are interactive to enable students to express themselves and speak with each other.

Palabras clave

Communication, immersion, interaction, simulation, multimedia, culture, arts, task-based approach, projects, exchanges, international, cross-cultural communication and comprehension


  • Level 1 (A2/A2+): Beginners, 3 hours of classes per week. Acquiring basic skills to understand and be understood at an elementary level.
  • Level 3 (B1+): Low competence acquired in secondary school, 1:30 hours per week. Reaching the threshold level required for an academic or professional experience in Italy (double degree, S8, internships).
  • Level 4 (B2+/C1): Medium competence acquired in secondary school, 1:30 hours per week. Understanding (all media), note-taking, drawing up summaries, speaking individually or in groups, debating.
  • Preparation for the CELI 2, 3 or 4.

Learning Outcomes

  • CEFRL (from A2 to C1), with special focus on interaction and on cultural or cross-cultural competences.
  • Communicating with Italians.
  • Getting ready for a stay in Italy.
  • Learning about Italian culture.


Know-how = 50% final exam + 50% continuous assessment.