Industrial Project - S7

Lecturer(s): David LENOIR
TC ⋅ 50 h


The Industrial Application Project (PAi) is aimed at students who wish to confront the reality of engineering work in all its operational complexity. They will have to respond to the request of a sponsor outside the school (large groups, SMEs/SMIs, public operators, start-ups, etc.) by offering them a project-process characterized around the cost/quality/deadlines triptych. Once the definition of this project has been validated, they will ensure its management and execution based on efficient reporting in order to adapt the proposed process to the difficulties encountered. It is therefore a truly professional experience that is offered to students by the PAi, with a great diversity in the themes and issues addressed and which will be able to question their rigor, their imagination and their sense of adaptation.

Palabras clave

Work in project mode.


The PAi takes place in S7 and continues in S8 for a total of 75 hours. Supervised by a project adviser, the students will begin with an immersion and listening phase in order to fully understand the problem submitted to them and especially its context. They will then be able to propose and validate with their sponsor their Project Management Referential (PMR) for the end of November. The project execution and management phase will then begin, with a first meeting at the end of January which will give rise to an evaluation for the S7, then a final presentation at the end of S8 which will conclude the project.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand a problem and its context.
  • Structure and design a project.
  • Lead and manage a project.
  • Restitute and promote a project.


Rating = 100% know-how