Career plan - tutoring - S5-S6-S7

Lecturer(s): Catherine MUSY, Philippe THIMONIER
TC ⋅ 5 h


The construction of his own professional project is one of the major objectives that each student-engineer must achieve during their time at the Ecole Centrale de Lyon. The main objective of this activity is to allow the student to reflect on himself to advance in the construction of his short-term engineer training project and his longer-term professional career project. The accompanying activity to the professional project must allow each student, at their own pace, to conduct their personal reflection on his professional project, even their life plan.The professional project of each student is obviously bound to evolve and deepen during the course of schooling, and well beyond.

Palabras clave

Professional career project


In order to support the student in their reflection and in the construction of their professional project, a PCP (Principal Adviser) tutor is awarded to each student at the beginning of the course. This PCP tutor will follow their throughout their schooling, at least through 6 Bilateral Meetings (BM) scheduled during the common core. On the occasion of these BM, discussions will take place between the student and the PCP tutor on the progress of the reflection on the professional project and appraisal will be made at certain key moments of the curriculum. On these occasions, the PCP tutor will also be able to discuss with the student their integration into the life of the campus and their university results.

Learning Outcomes

  • To set up strategies to build their professional project.
  • To argue their choices.
  • To conduct their self-assessment.


Mark (R/NR) = 100% know-how