Discovering engineering - S6

Lecturer(s): Grégory VIAL
TC ⋅ 4 h


The objective of this training is to discover various aspects of the engineer’s job. Every student is invited to contact two engineers of his choice (one of them being centralien) and to meet them to talk about their career. Analyzing the different interviews will allow the student to build his own professional project. This training focuses on SD&CSR issues in companies as well.

Palabras clave

Engineer, career, professional project


Interviews of two engineers having different careers. Oral presentation by group of 6 students, in presence of a professor and an engineer

Learning Outcomes

  • Prepare and lead an interview
  • Understand the realities of being an engineer
  • Give a written and an oral report
  • Build his own professional project


Final mark = 100% Know-how Know-how mark = 100% continuous assessment