WEEX : Mobility - S5-S6-S7

Lecturer(s): Sylvie MIRA, Jean-Pierre CLOAREC, Olivier BAREILLE


The course aims to have students work on a current, complex and multi-skilled theme: urban mobility. Students will have to propose smart and sustainable mobility solutions on a delimited geographical space, by deploying modeling tools on mobility databases. The course aims to anchor the analysis of mobility problems in a specific socio-historical context.

Palabras clave

urban mobility, traffic modeling, data visualization, business model


Analysis of urban mobility data bases in foreign languages (German, English, Spanish, French (for foreign students)) Problems identification Modeling and optimization of flows Data visualization Usage scenarios and business model

Learning Outcomes

  • Know how to analyse mobility data bases in a foreign langage and accordingly with the cultural and historical context
  • Be able to propose use and economic scenarios
  • Knwo how to model and optimize mobility flows
  • Know how to use data visualisation tools


Pitch the solution in the language of the concerned country (German, English, Spanish or French) Detail the solution in a bilingal report