WEEX : Wind Power - S5-S6-S7

Lecturer(s): Pierre DUQUESNE, Giacomo CASADEI, Jean-Pierre CLOAREC


  • Increasing the capacity to work as an engineer in function.
  • Apply theoretical course knowledge in a concrete situation.
  • Link the different knowledge of a multidisciplinary technological object.
  • Increasing the capacity to work in an uncertain/unpredictable environment that evolves over time.
  • Increasing the team work capacity.

Palabras clave

Wind turbines, energy, team work


The activity is a role-playing game; "in the skin of an engineer.” Students, in groups, work in three engineering professions, linked to each other:

  • Design/measurement engineer
  • Project engineer.
  • Operations engineer.

Learning Outcomes

  • First Engineer Mission: Design/measurement Engineer From measurement database model a wind turbine and a map of winds.
  • Second Engineer Mission: Project Engineer Propose a wind turbine farm implantation projects on a territory to optimise the electricity production and respecting the constraints (progressing over time).
  • Third Engineer Mission: Operations Engineer Solve all problems of the wind farms under the team responsibility.


Skills assessment:

  • oral presentation
  • group observation
  • talk with an expert