CLIC - Centrale Lyon Innovation Camp - S5

Lecturer(s): Clotilde MINFRAY, Jean-Pierre CLOAREC
Course ⋅ 2 hTC ⋅ 2 hProject ⋅ 28 h


  • Awareness of all first year student to creativity.
  • Appropriation and deployment of a methodological tool of creativity (C-K method).

Palabras clave

Innovation challenge, work in group (x5), C-K method


Pedagogical process put in place to respond by team of 5 students to an innovation challenge proposed by an industrial partner of Ecole Centrale de Lyon.

  • 2h tutorial: appropriation of C-K method
  • 1h tutorial: how to do a good pitch?
  • Autonomous work by student teams on 4 days

Learning Outcomes

  • Make ideas emerge.
  • Dare.
  • Realise and create value.
  • Generate individual and collective performance.


Validation by competencies