Russian - S5-S6

Lecturer(s): Florence MILON


Russian courses are meant for beginners and non-beginners. Language learning may pave the way for a double degree with a Russian university or for internship in Russia. Learning about Russia will help discover the country and move beyond classic stereotypes.

Palabras clave

International mobility, academic life, discovering, curiosity, cross-cultural communication, cultural practices.


  • Level 1 (A1-A2) : beginners, 3 hours of class per week. Learning the Cyrillic alphabet, learning basic grammar, learning basic vocabulary, assimilating the main language structures, discovering the cultural background.
  • Level 3/4 (B1-B2) : students who have already studied Russian in high school, 1:30 hours per week. Learning about the sociocultural environment, with a focus on social issues and the news (everyday life, the economy, cultural features...).

Learning Outcomes

  • Developing oral and written comprehension on topics related to everyday life and campus life.
  • Learning to speak and write on topical issues.
  • Using language skills in specific situations.
  • Learning about culture.


Final mark = 100% know-how Know-how = 50% final exam + 50% continuous course work assessment.