English - S5-S6

Lecturer(s): Alain DOUGNAC-GALANT


The aim of this course is to bring all the students to the level required for validation (590 IPT TOEFL, 825 TOEIC, 7 IELTS). This level is the B2 level of CEFRL ("Independent User - Vantage") and bring as many students as possible up to the C1 level of CEFRL ("Proficient User - Effective Operational Proficiency"). It is also to extend knowledge of the Anglo-Saxon world and of its diversity and improve methodological and rhetorical skills to achieve structured thinking and precise expression. IMPORTANT: the English course is compulsory for students below the threshold level.

Palabras clave

TOEFL, grammatical consolidation, expanding vocabulary, basic linguistic competences, interactivity, debating, civilisation, Anglo-Saxon, United States, United Kingdom, methodology, rhetoric, adjustment, efficiency, credibility, excellence


  • Intensive oral-comprehension exercises (long and demanding material).
  • Speaking in small student groups: mini-dialogues, simulations, debates, presentations.
  • Preparing for the TOEFL ITP test.
  • Depending on levels: Revising grammar, expanding vocabulary and idioms, and improving pronunciation. Studying the civilisation of Anglo-Saxon countries. Notably, acquiring the knowledge and using the interpretative tools to understand the American society from a political, economic, social, societal, geopolitical, and cultural angle. Making students aware of global environmental and social issues.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding oral and written English.
  • Interacting and expressing oneself in English whatever the context.
  • Comprehending the cultural and civilisational features of the Anglo-Saxon world.
  • Participating to and leading a debate.


Final mark = 100% know-how Know-how = 50% final exam + 50% continuous course work assessment.