Practictal courses in Mechanical Engineering

Lecturer(s): Bertrand HOUX, Hélène MAGOARIEC, Olivier DESSOMBZ
PW ⋅ 20 hStudy ⋅ 10 h


The objective of the training action is to put into practice (know-how) the skills of the GM Teaching Unit. The objective of the technological product development project is to implement all the stages of design, manufacture and control of the geometric conformity of the components of a mechanical system. The other practicals aim to analyse the architecture of a real mechanical system, to carry out a performance diagnosis, according to the external stresses and the technological elements used to make the connections between solids or to put the system into action.

Palabras clave

Architecture of a mechanical system; Building elements; Design; Manufacturing; Metrology; Elastic sizing; Performance diagnostics.


  • Discovery lab program - Technological analysis (4h)
  • BE drawing - Technological project (2h)
  • BE quotation - Technological project (4h)
  • BE manufacturing - Technological project (2h)
  • BE machining range - Technological project (4h)
  • Machining TP - Technological project (4h)
  • Dimensional metrology practical work - Technological project (4h)
  • Design work in RdM (4h)
  • Dynamic lab (4h)

Learning Outcomes

  • Knowing how to analyse the architecture of a mechanical system.
  • Master the stages of design and manufacture of a mechanical system.
  • To be able to control the geometric conformity of a mechanical system.
  • To be able to diagnose the performance of a mechanical system.


Final mark = 100% know-how Know-how mark = 100% continuous assessment.