embedded systems architectures

Lecturer(s): David NAVARRO, Cédric MARCHAND
Course ⋅ 16 hTC ⋅ 10 hPW ⋅ 8 hAutonomy ⋅ 14 h


The objective of this module is to describe the most commun computing systems in embedded system and industrial computing. Lecture and problem classes will be turn on the study of lightweight and modern computing systems with more details on the architecture and programming. Practical session will hightlight automotve and home automation applications.

Palabras clave

embedded electronic, microcontroler, architectures


  • Introduction to analog, digital and mixed electronic
  • programmable architectues : CPLD, FPGA
  • microcontroler architectures (1)
  • microcontroler architectures (2)
  • microcontroler and DSP (Digital signal processing unit ) architectures (3) and programming
  • Processors and memory architectures and management
  • Hardware and software architectures of wireless sensor network


Final mark = 70% Knowledge + 30% Know-how Knowledge mark = 100% final exam Know-how mark = 100% continuous assessment