Damage and Ruin of Materials

Lecturer(s): Vincent FRIDRICI, Bruno BERTHEL
Course ⋅ 22 hTC ⋅ 14 hAutonomy ⋅ 12 h


Structural safety, the new approach related to cindynics (risk science) and circular economy concepts (taking into account sustainable development) keep the requirements related to the durability of structures at the highest level. The essential functions of the structure must be taken into account from the first steps of the design. The engineer must be able to take a step back in order to perform appropriate selection of materials, based on the loading conditions. The objectives of this module are therefore to give, in the continuity of the common core modules of the UE IDM (and partly of the UE GM and MSS), in-depth knowledge of the damage of materials in mechanical structures.

Palabras clave

Materials damage, fracture mechanics, fatigue, corrosion, tribology


  • The main steps in the life of a structure (2h).
  • Plastic deformation and damage (2h).
  • Fracture mechanics (4h).
  • Fatigue damage (6h).
  • Elements of expertise of ruptures (2h).
  • Tribology and wear (4h).
  • Corrosion (4h).
  • Elements of non-destructive testing (2h).
  • Industrial conferences (nuclear, transport, etc.) (4h).
  • Point at the beginning and halfway on the work in autonomy (2h).

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand major industrial issues related to the risk of structural ruin.
  • Understand the different damage mechanisms of materials.
  • Formalize predictive tools and implement palliative solutions.


Final mark = 50% Knowledge + 50% Know-how Knowledge = 100% final exam Know-how = 100% continuous assessment