Mechanical Engineering

Lecturer(s): Olivier DESSOMBZ, Jean-Jacques SINOU
Course ⋅ 4 hTC ⋅ 4 hAutonomy ⋅ 16 hStudy ⋅ 24 h


Study the design of mechanical systems and structures present in various fields of application (engineering civil, aeronautical, automotive...) by linking technological, static and dynamic aspects.

Palabras clave

Design, methodology and modelling


Course / TD program :

  • Introduction to the dimensioning issue.
  • Dynamic sizing.

Synthesis Studies:

  • Two studies make it possible to show the existing links between the different aspects of the dimensioning of a system or a mechanical structure.
  • Examples of themes addressed: sizing of a bridge, dimensioning of a lifting clamp, sizing of an automotive clutch, sizing of a wind turbine.


Score = 50% knowledge + 50% know-how Knowledge score = 100% terminal exam Know-how score = 100% continuous assessment