Fluids and Energy - Project Labs

Lecturer(s): Pierre DUQUESNE, Alexis GIAUQUE, Michel GERON
PW ⋅ 9 hAutonomy ⋅ 7 hStudy ⋅ 6 h


This module aims at applying all the knowledge and know-how acquired throughout the whole "Fluid Mechanics and Energy" course. From the choice of a topic and the set-up of the relevant practical work sessions, to the presentation of the results, going through performing and interpreting the experiments, the students will have to illustrate a scientific theme (head losses, similarity, heat transfer, hydraulic networks, ...) in order to deliver both an oral presentation to fellow students and a written report.

Palabras clave

Experiments and numerical simulations. Team work and project mode


  • Defining the project and setting-up of the practical work sessions
  • Performing the experiments
  • Post-processing and analysing the results
  • Oral and written reporting

Learning Outcomes

  • Be able to identify key flow features and flow regimes
  • Be able to perform a dimensional and an order of magnitude analysis
  • Be able to apply fundamental tools on flow analysis : flux balance, head loss analysis
  • Be able to apply experimental and numerical techniques


The work carried out in FLEtc3 is evaluated by a note which is based on • Oral synthesis: Noral. • The project report: Nreport. • Individual participation in the TP sessions: Nsession The score for the FLE tc3 training action is obtained with the following weighting: FLE3 grade= 0.7 (1/3 Noral+2/3 Nreport)+0.3 Nsession