Specialization Aeronautics

Director: Bruno BERTHEL, Michelle SALVIA, Olivier DESSOMBZ
74 hTD


The aim of this project is to evaluate the performance of a composite material and process combination. It includes all the stages from the making (bag molding, RTM, etc.) to the final characterization of the material (effect of the process parameters, mechanical property under monotonic or cyclic stress, damage analysis, etc.). Mechanical characterization can be performed with simple geometries of specimen, but also in configurations approaching the final applications of the material. This project is strongly experimental, but numerical analysys can be carried out (finite element analysis, analytical ...) to improve the understanding of the phenomena involved.

Learning Outcomes

  • know how to deal with a complex problem in which several factors are involved
  • knowledge of standard testing methods in the field of composite material



materials ; mechanics of materials ; composite materials


Participation, written report and defense