Specialisation On-board energy

Director: Jean-Pierre CLOAREC


The “On-board energy” ("Energie Embarquée" or "EE") pathway presents the complete extraction and processing chain of conventional energy resources (oil, gas, coal, exploration to distribution), presents the development of alternative sources (bio-fuels, hydrogen, wood) and co-generation approaches. The whole is presented in a context of changes in the energy sectors, in connection with environmental issues and the problem of the energy mix. How to articulate the current industrial and economic structures to increase the share of renewable primary energy (biomass, wind, solar...) starting from the knowledge of current energy production systems, on a global scale ? A significant part of the lessons learned from EE is common to the "Infrastructure Energy" sector, because it is important to know how to link the problems of energy sources and energy networks.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding all the scientific and technical dimensions of a project in the energy sector
  • Integrate quality / safety / environmental rules and standards in energy production and transmission industries
  • Take into account societal, legal, financial, economic and regulatory issues related to economic issues.
  • Understand and communicate in English in the fields of energy



Imposed MOD: "The electrical system". Recommended MODs: “Energy, Storage and Conversion”; “Climate Change” Imposed MOS: "Energy and impact on the environment" Recommended SOM: “Macro Energy”; “Power Generation Facilities”