Option Computer science and Communication

Director: Daniel MULLER, Mohsen ARDABILIAN


The Information Technology is increasingly ubiquitous and transparent. Computer systems are everywhere: in companies of course (information systems, industrial computer), but also in everyday life (mobility, leisure, social life), even in the most banal objects (car, connected objects).

The Computer Science Curriculum responds to the challenges posed by the rapid evolution of digital solutions and uses by offering targeted formation on the key elements of the field to train general engineers, able to specify, design and supervise innovative projects in the context of increasingly complex systems. The fields of application are numerous, including the IT and digital sector of course, but also the sectors that depend on it: aeronautics, automotive, banking and insurance, (bio) medical, energy, retail, entertainment, media, production.

Each student has the possibility to build a "à la carte" course, adapted to their professional project, by choosing training actions proposed by the option within the EU Sector and MODs that deal with different topics of the computer science: is made mandatory to choose a MOD in the list of computer science MODs, the MOS 4.4, and to choose 4 MSO among the 7 proposed, as well as the MSO project. The option has identified some relevant career paths in terms of career opportunities, indicating for each a coherent choice of courses.

Learning Outcomes

  • Specify, design and supervise innovative projects in the digital world, in the context of increasingly complex systems.
  • Master the key elements.
  • Master the IT project process.
  • Allow engineering students, wishing it, to move towards a PhD in Computer Science.



Students wishing to follow the course of the Computer Option must have followed the first two years at Ecole Centrale de Lyon, or any other equivalent formation.