Negociation and communication

Lecturer(s): Marie GOYON
Course ⋅ 16 hTC ⋅ 6 h


Define how to transform an idea into value creation. Identify which offer is going to bring to customers a value for which they will be ready to pay. Think how to organize the processes and the partners allowing to produce the offer Analyse how income can balance costs. Build a viable consistency among the social, economical, financial and technical dimensions of a business.

Palabras clave

Buisness models canevas, value proposition, profit and loss statement, cashflow statement, financial forecasts


Design an value proposition adapted to targeted customers Business models and business plans Finance for entrepreneurship ◊ Build the customers relationship ◊ Forecast revenues

Learning Outcomes

  • Be able to build a value proposition adapted to targeted customers
  • State financial forecasts for a business developement
  • Evaluate financial risks


Project evaluation