Mechanical systems and contacts

Lecturer(s): Joël PERRET LIAUDET, Denis MAZUYER
Course ⋅ 12 hTC ⋅ 12 hStudy ⋅ 8 h


In many mechanical systems and mechanisms, contact dynamics are often of prior importance in ensuring integrity, energy efficiency and environmental respect. Designing these systems remains complex due to the couplings between the dynamic response of the system and local tribological behavior at the surface scale. The objective of this course is to give a multidisciplinary approach on these issues. In particular, the main phenomena involved will be provided (description of the lubricated, dry contacts, in normal and tangential stresses, friction laws). The resulting vibroacoustic problems will be put into perspective: vibroimpact, squealing, global dynamic behavior induced by local interactions.

Palabras clave

Contacts, mechanical systems, tribology, dynamics of systems, advanced design


The following topics will be addressed with courses, TD and BE: • Kinematic aspect of contact drive systems • Contact theory, dry and lubricated • Normal contact dynamics • Friction instabilities

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the main concepts of contact dynamics
  • Understand the basics of lubrication
  • To be able to predict the performance of mechanisms
  • To be able to build an advanced design methodology of dynamic systems


Final mark = 25% Knowledge + 75% Know-how Knowledge N1 = 100% final exam Know-how N2 = 100% continuous assessment