Construction of Energy Production

Lecturer(s): Eric VINCENS, Pierre BRUN
Course ⋅ 20 hStudy ⋅ 8 h


  • Know the installations associated with the production of nuclear, hydroelectric and wind energy.
  • Know how to apply the basic concepts of design and safety

Palabras clave

Power systems, nuclear power plant, dams, safety, design, wind power


Nuclear works

  1. Presentation of general site plans (relative locations and role of structures)
  2. The texts governing the design and operation of nuc structures, having an impact on the design
  3. Safety requirements and general civil engineering installation
  4. Design of structures: from basic texts to sizing criteria
  5. Introduction to simplified reliability studies applied to civil engineering
  6. Containment enclosures
  7. Large air coolers

Hydroelectric works

  1. The works
  2. The projects
  3. The modes of failure
  4. Design functions
  5. Compensatory measures

Development of a wind project (on shore and offshore)

Learning Outcomes

  • - Layout design - Safety Assessment


  • knowledge score: final exam without documents
  • know-how score: BE study by group of 2

MOS3.2 final score: 1/2 knowledge + 1/2 know-how