Portuguese - Brazil

Lecturer(s): Florence MILON


Portuguese courses in semester 8 are meant for students having taking courses in semester 7.

Palabras clave

Brazil, Portugal, Angola, Macao, Portuguese-speaking countries, Latin America, Mercosur, academic and professional life, cross-cultural communication, cultural practices.


Courses focus on communication, oral and written comprehension through varied classroom activities (roleplays, simulations, presentations, debates, pronunciation) and studying the main historical, political and sociocultural features of Brazil. A1-A2 : acquisition of language and cultural skills in familiar situations, to meet immediate needs in everyday contexts. A2+-B1 : expanding skills to communicate easily in familiar, academic and professional situations.

Learning Outcomes

  • CEFRL (from A1 to B1), with special focus on interaction and on cultural or cross-cultural competences.
  • Learning enough skills for academic and/or professional immersion.
  • Apprehending the various realities of modern Brazil.


Know-how N2 = continuous assessment and test(s) and/or final exam.