Lecturer(s): Florence MILON, Francesco GIANNETTO


Italian courses in semester 8 are meant for students having taking courses in semester 7.

Palabras clave

Communication, immersion, interaction, simulation, multimedia, culture, arts, task-based approach, projects, exchanges, international, cross-cultural communication and comprehension.


Level 1 : beginners, 3 hours per week. Acquiring basic skills to understand and be understood. Level 2 : students having started Italian in the first year, 2 hours per week. Level 3 : students with low competence acquired in secondary school who wish to study Italian in the 2nd year, one and a half hour per week. Reaching the threshold level required for an academic or professional experience in Italy. Level 4/5 : students with medium competence acquired in secondary school and those from European secondary-school programs, one and a half hour per week. Understanding (all media), note-taking, summaries, debating. Preparation for the CELI.

Learning Outcomes

  • CEFRL (from A2 to C1), with special focus on interaction and on cultural or cross-cultural competences.
  • Communicating with Italians.
  • Getting ready for a stay in Italy.
  • Learning about Italian culture.


Know-how N2 = continuous assessment and test(s) and/or final exam.